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Feedback meeting with autism diagnostic team

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Hi all. I'm a mum to non identical twin boys who are 6. One of my boys has been displaying signs of autism since he was 6 months old and we have been going through the process of getting help for 3 years. The autism diagnostic group for our area has finally completed there assessment on him and have made a decision about my son. They won't tell me what it is over the phone which I get as I could be anyone and so I've been invited to a feedback meeting next month along with his teachers to find out the outcome. The teachers are convinced there is something and so does his speach assessor but being held in limbo for over a month is frustrating. The only thing they could tell me on the phone was that I can chose to see a Neuro consultant after if I wish. I'm currently feeling lots of mixed emotions. I just want what's best for my children and said son is quite far behind and want him to have the help at school. What if they say that he doesn't have it? Then what have I done wrong? . I Just need to know if anyone else had this meeting and what to expect from it please. 

Thank you.