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Hey, I hope you are having an ok day

Im Jess, and 4 months ago I got diagnosed with high functioning autism ( or aspergers). If Im honest, nothing has really changed execpt the teachers have been more undertstanding. I have exam week coming up and I seem to be getting wayyy more worked up about it than everyone else. I just feel like I cant control the work load. Is this normal?

I seem to get angry pretty quickly as well, someone might say something aabout something in general and I will take it very personally and will not let the thought go. I get very annoyed when people say soemthing I dont understand, or if someone is upset because I get confused. is this normal?

I feel like im not like a normal person: my ideal night is curled up in bed watching a film whereas everyone else is out partying and kissing. I sit alone every lunch time as none of the girls will talk to ,me as I keep making mistakes socially by saying the wrong things are having a meltdown. What can I do?

Hi Jess,

It's good to know that the teachers are more understanding since your diagnosis. You probably feel more worked up than some others, because one of the things about autism is our need to feel 'in control', and we feel uneasy when we can't do that. Perhaps you could have a word with a teacher you particularly trust, as they might be able to give you advice about the stress you are feeling. It's certainly normal to feel it, though - I feel similarly confused in similar situations. I think the same applies to taking things personally, I do that as well!

I'm also the same as you in that I prefer solitary pursuits, and have done since I was a boy. I'm not sure what to suggest if you would prefer to be doing other things, and perhaps somebody else might have ideas on that - perhaps there is an Asperger's group for young people in your area?

I hope things get better for you in exam week - perhaps you could set the week out in a timetable which you can look at, which might make you feel more at ease and in control?

Don't worry too much though, as I've often found that things don't turn out as bad as I had feared, so hopefully you will find that too.