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Autism and selective mute

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hi! jsut wonder if any of you have the same problems as my child.

My 8 yrs son has ASD. His previous speech therapist suspected he might also have selective mutism, as he speaks at home and in school but he is not able to speak in other situations at all.

But his CAMHS team looks think that no therapy is necessary for his selective mutism.

I am not convinced.

Any of you have similar case? How did you deal wtih? can I just leave it without any interventions for his selective mutism???



Tony Attwood's The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, has a short section on this p223-4 under the heading Verbal Fluency (if you can get your hands on a copy it is worthwhile).

He explains it as down to anxiety, which makes sense to me. You need to try to understand what might be causing stress in the situation where he is unforthcoming. It seems to relate to sensory overload. In quiet conditions aspies communicate well, but in any competing or threatening environment, the ability to speak clearly is reduced by the competing stress.

Thanks, Longman, very useful, will get Tony Attwood's book (very famous book, isn't it?). I agree, they all come down to anxiety. 


Once agian, thank you for your kind advice!


Silent anxiety

The label is accurate but does little to offer a possible option of bridge or connection for progress, the stage of personal futility this represents, is the door of isolation and seperation that offers solace of that there is no doubt.

My expression of this as a stage of choice on a number of occasions was on of gestation and observation and I have commented on this in another of my posts and replies.

( 11, feb time15,36.......So for those of you who can remember the drive of clarity you were born with. The early understandings you built in the silence of your early awareness that has long isolated you. Find a way to set aside the fears you have been asked to adopt. Remembered the part of you that was clear before you had to speak, )

For me selected Mutism represented a wall that was impenetrable with the tools of language as they had been handed to me or exercised to that point. if you like it represented the scenario that is often expressed as and experience that wheel chair user have when people talk about them and around them in their presence as if they were no part of the situation or even capable of expressing an opinion.

A New world view, the cosmology of the monotropic mind is so vast and eventually overwhelmingly evident without explanation or perception to the autistic that this is a constant wall of an undefined nature that is experienced as seperation so much so that seperation becomes the choice of circumstance.

we cannot make ourselves understood and take refuge and stock in silence whic offers us the time, space and view uninterupted to form our own deffinition of what we see. it is I believe a stage of autistic development that has not set time peramiter other than when it is selected is a gestation period for self development in the face of no clear referencing that secures a definition of anything we are able to recognise. I think it can be the seat of the God complex we choose as we seek to name all that surrounds by our deffinition, wiht our view and experiences.

This time is delicate and crucial to the degree in my view to which a person with ASD will be able to participate and the degree to which we choose to identify with the world around us. 

Above all frustration, anger and annoyance with this stage by those who are around the mute will form the basis of measure of human behaviour, trust and what people do when they are left free and unrestrained in our presence. It is the silent crucible of who you are that is being viewed, what does the ASD person see, If you wish to truly answer that you will need to look at yourself through a strangers eyes.


The words we utter represent power, but if we are silent the the power of the words no longer exist not because they are not ther but because they hold no value anymore.

Once words have been uttered they are forever out ther and like a pebble in a pond there effect forever ripples across the world in which we find ourselves and its reaches we do not have in our view.

Sentimen attributed to Salman Rushdi