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just saying hello...

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hi guys,

Just thought id pop in and say hello, [removed by moderator]. [removed by moderator] is currently going throught the assesment process. we have fought for so long to get this. as a baby she was in and out of hospital monthly with asthma, this carried on untill she was 3/4 she struggled to maintain weight at that age due to her constant activity. as shes grown shes changed but her ability to organise and manage her self is alot more apparent now. seh also struggles alot socially and her communication is great. her first primary school was not a local goverment school, there for they were hesitant about ever refferng her for assesment as this meant out siders amongst the school and reflections on there statistics. when she started her new primary school it took them 8 days to call a meeting and reffer her for assesment. fast forward a year and a half and were are almost there. we have met and been assesed by the community pead, the school and i have done connors rating scales and we had our first meeting with salt yesterday. salt will now attend her school to watch her then do some tests. next meeting will be the gathering of all information and decision time. im terrified. i have fought for so long, im scared they might come back and say theres nothing to diagnose!  any way ive gone on a bit. i look forward to speaking to you all and im so glad ive found some where to get some usefull information.

[removed by moderator]

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Try not to worry. My brother got diagnosed at 8 (16 years ago) and I got diagnosed at 18 (Just under a year ago). And although it is terrifying, these people know what they are looking for. I got my diagnosis on the same day I had a meeting. But my mum had to fight tooth and nail to get my brother diagnosed. 

If its meant to happen, it will happen.