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Disability Discrimination Act regarding autism

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How does autism fit in with the Disability Discrimination Act please? My two sons are autistic and they are excluded from activites at our regimental welfare service because of their autism. I'm just wondering if they were wheelchair bound, would they be excluded in the same way? People always say that access must be made for wheelchair users so would or does autism benefit from the same protection of their rights? I don't know where to go in regards with finding out about my sons rights and the regimental welfare services obligation into including all people of all disabilities into their activities.

Thank you for any and all help.

What exactly is the reason for the exclusion from the activities? There is something about being able to justify it. But that's usually a health and safety thing.

That sounds pretty dodgy to me - unless there's a major safety reason for them not being included (as stranger says). Mind you, the military don't exactly have a good record for equality issues.

I would see if NAS can help. They should have all the information.

Good luck!

all i know is you are not allowed to do anything like that and site autism as the reason for it

so they cant not include your kids if they say its BECAUSE they have autism, unless the children themelves are safer, or it isnt suited for kids with autism, which in that case is soemthing they should discuss with you first rather than just deciding for you and your kids

basically it is about duty of care, they (most public and government bodies) have to show they did what they are required to do to be inline with the disability discrimination act, ie, they have to make allowances for people with disabilites, so they cant leave them out of activites because of their disability without having first made resonable efforts to include them and make it 'disabled friendly'

if they have not done that they are not follwing the laws that are designed for this issue , and if they refuse to do that , it is something you can take to a lawyer

if they DO follow the law for certian disabilites they are not allowed to decide they wont with others, they must comply with that law for all disabilites, and autism is included inthis


if this is centered around the army and other bodies, they have no need to follow that law, as of yet, because their rules state very clearly people with autism are not allowed in the army

until the law changes on that issue theres not much can be done

Idon't know anything about the 'regimental welfare' but if they say they have a system that cares for their employees family then I dont see why they would ignore autism in that, but you will have to look into their rules on this

You can't say it's because you have Autism. You would need to state why - for example, some people with Autism have no sense of danger, which may exclude them from certain activities.

Certainly needs clarification why - even if armed forces don't feel accountable, because otherwise the appearance of discrimination is going to affect parents and friends and others aware of it.

If it is concern that persons with autism might interject noises, are babies banned as well? People with bad coughs and sneezes?  People who sing loudly off tune?

If its a health and safety issue then surely being explicit demonstrates good practice.

Thanks for all the replies. I have an appointment with CAB to see where my kids stand regarding the welfare trips and events. I'm also going to see the Army Welfare Service to see what they have to say on the subject. Once I've seen them and depending on what they tell me, I will be making an appointment with the Welfare Officer to sort things out. Will let everyone know how it goes.

Fingers crossed


Hello Everyone i am new , Just wanted to ask if anyone else has had any form of discrimination ? or other forms of it ?

As ive struggled with this all my life and need some advice about what i can do ?