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So... the other day I went to an initial appointment with my psychiatrist and explained to her how I feel and my symptoms and characteristics.

She then told me it sounds like I have social anxiety as opposed to autism and told me to put the "autistic" idea to the "back of my head" for now and look up help for people with social anxiety.

I can agree with her to an extent about my symptoms being similiar to that of social anxiety but I am still determined that I am right that I am autistic.

I feel annoyed that she would say that when I feel that I am right.

However, she did say that down the road they will look into it. I hope they listen to me. I'm not sure I described myself correctly.

How long did you speak to the psychatrist for?

An hour. I just found it rather patronising that she said that.

More than I had the first time... which was half an hour. Second time - when I got my diagnosis - it was three hours over two sessions including a discussion with my mother.