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Upcoming GCSE's

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HI there everyone and hope you are enjoying a restful Easter weekend.

Trying to motivate my son to do some studying for his upcoming GCSE's and not getting very far.  Message boards with reminders, displayed rota of exams and full access to internet and myself and two study sessions in three weeks, as he gets annoyed, frustrated and removes himself from any conversation relating to exams.

He forgets to attend homework session arranged by school and the only help I can see he will get to see him through his exams is extra time.

He is lucky that he is going to be able to sit his GCSE's apart from English which he has been removed to do two to one session with a LSA and another kid in simialr position. Although the outcome does not look very promising result wise Im rather proud he has managed to control his anxiety enough to sit the exams.

I can not believe he is about to turn 16, sit his exams and hopefully go of to college if he gets a pass of some kind. Im so worried about his future and with his sister now having some issues of her own and there is only me to sort it all out as hubby died 11 years ago Im starting to have a wobble or two of my own which is not ideal to keep son and daughter in a stress free environment.

I just take each day as it comes but if there is a parent out there in a simialr situation and can offer any words of wisdom or has been through the stress and tension of exam time please do let me know your thoughts.

Hi franny,

Hopefully people will chime in with their experience of exams, but in the meantime have you read the 'Exam guidance' page on the NAS website? (

The page contains advice, support strategies and links to further resources that might be helpful given the circumstances you describe with your son.

Best wishes,

Ross - mod

Thank Ross, I did have a read through of it tonight. Son is still avoiding what needs doing, I've tried to get him to ask for help and to show me his course work and revision but he stone walls me at every turn and after ten years of homework being a major battle ground, part of me feels I should just step back and let Alex do it his way, that way Educators can see how hard and complex he finds it all, as if they haven't already picked up on Alex's lack of concentration in general. 

Big thanks for acknowledging my message .


Hi I'm new to this but I'm having real problems with both my sons and their GCSEs. They haven't been diagnosed. It hadn't been picked up on until this school year when school refusal/ lack of concentration / inability to start or complete tasks etc etc. There have always been melt downs but when other people think you can't control your children, you kind of lose confidence and that overrides you gut feeling that something's really not right. It has been assumed that we have a slack attitude to dealing with our children. Why is everything such a battle?  The boys have been unable to organise themselves or revise and I'm having difficulty getting them to attend school or stay at school if they do go. Any silver linings would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance