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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our page of frequently asked questions. Here we hope to address some common problems and issues Community members have experienced. 

If you don't find an answer to the issues you're encountering here or in our other help pages then please contact the team at the following email -

We are also working to resolve these issues as quickly as we're able, so if you are experiencing ongoing problems do check the General Chat area of the forum where we'll update everyone about fixes to the Community software. We will also mention which common issues we think are resolved here.

Ongoing issues

1. I can't add a reply, the text vanishes when I press reply

A number of users are reporting problems when trying to start new discussions or reply to messages. It seems that this is a problem with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). 

The problem seems to be one of the following - 

  • When typing no cursor appears and text will disappear whilst typing

  • After completing a message and clicking on the button to add the message to the forum the text disappears

There are some suggestions that these issues are being caused by a new autosave feature in the browser but this is so far uncomfired.

We've been in touch with the company responsible for the development of the Community and they are planning to address the IE9 issue as soon as possible. 

Until then I'm afraid the only solution is to use an alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been used regularly and without issues on the Community. They are available to download through the following links - 

Chrome downloand

Firefox download

We're aware that changing to a different browser may be frustrating or difficult for some members of the Community. Please contact us if you need any help doing this and we are sorry that something out of our control is causing so many problems.

2. I'm signed into the NAS website but signed out of the Community

Sometimes users are experiencing a problem where they can log into their account from the main website ( ) but when they visit the Community they are signed out.

The NAS website has a system which should allow users to be signed into the Community and the main website at the same time. There are clearly some problems occuring where to two websites fail to talk to each other properly.

To resolve this please follow these steps:

  • Go to the homepage of the NAS website and check if your are signed in (in the grey bar at the top of the page). If you are signed in click on 'Sign out'

  • Now go to the Community homepage and click 'Sign in' in the grey bar.

  • Once your signed in you should find that you're now connected properly and able to use the Community.